Friday, June 18, 2010

iPhone 4 pictures and video examples

Some lucky guy in the Czech Republic got his hands on an iPhone 4 and shot some pictures and video with it. You can see the pictures (and read a bit about the results at AppleInsider) and you can see the video at the posting site [Except that at the moment it doesn't work for me; either the video has been taken down, or their server has been overloaded.]

AppleInsider: Photo, video quality of Apple's iPhone 4 demonstrated in Prague Český uživatel testuje iPhone 4 [ukázky fotografií a videa z iPhone 4 v článku]


Arlen said...

I was able to watch the video and was impressed. It didn't look like cell phone footage, it looked like footage taken from a cheap consumer camcorder, which is a good thing, considering that it was a phone. I couldn't really gauge sound as nobody said anything-- it was just a brief pan. I could hear a little wind noise.

Tech specs- 720p, 29.97fps, h.264 (no surprise there). Forget what the data rate was.

Arlen said...

I will add-- I have an iPhone 3gs which takes video. In my opinion it's closer to the high end of the spectrum of SD phone videos (no blockiness, similar to an SD flip camera), but the color and resolution in the iPhone 4 blows it away. Must be the bigger lens.

I'll be interested to see how well the tap-to-focus feature in video mode works. Will a rack focus possible? I wonder if somebody will build a video app where you can manually adjust exposure, that's the big missing piece in my opinion.