Saturday, May 22, 2010

The White Balance Tee -- part II

Yesterday, I was wrapping up the news summary and I came across a funny tee shirt and thought I'd write up a short note about it:
DV Culture has a White Balance Here T-shirt
It's funny! Cute! And $20!! But if you can afford such humor, go for it!
DVCulture: White Balance Here Tee
...I didn't really think much about it, and I even miss-typed Cute as Cut! [oh great, you ruined the joke-Ed]

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I get tweeted:
DVCulture: Store is live! @notesonvideo we have lowered our prices for you. :)
And it's now $14.99.

Wait! What?! Is this how Steven Colbert feels?!! Wow, I have influence over T-shirt pricing. [Feel the power-Ed]

I swear to only use this power for good...

Canon has a new solid-state video camera
It's 4:2:2! Awesome! And $6,799!! But if you can afford such technology, go for it!
Canon: XF300

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