Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The fear of the future of Final Cut....

I blame the release of Adobe CS5; clearly it's put the cat amongst the Final Cut pigeons, and everyone's paranoid about whether Apple is going to drop the product or otherwise screw things up.

Just last month, someone sent Steve Jobs an email enquiring about the future of Final Cut, and got a "Don't Worry" email back.

Now comes Appleinsider reporting that:
According to a person with knowledge of Apple's internal Pro Apps plans, the company has shuffled around management within the Final Cut team in order to retarget its efforts to more closely match the needs of the majority of its customers. Apple's Mac customer base has steadily shifted from desktop models to notebooks, while also broadening out from a high end creative niche to a wider installed base that includes more prosumer and advanced home users.
Actually, from that quote, it's a little unclear what this might mean, though the article generally leans towards the doom and gloom side of things [hint iMovie!!!!!]

As luck would have it, just the day before, William Wright, a video editor in LA evidently had dropped Steve an email expressing concern about the future of Final Cut, and got back the reply:
We are 100% behind Final Cut Pro. The next update is a whopper.
William then sent Steve a link to the Appleinsider article, asking for a comment, and got back the reply:
Don't believe everything you read...
So there you go...nothing to worry about!

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