Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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Philip Bloom interview
B & H Insights newsletter has A conversation with Philip Bloom, an interview conducted with Bloom during a recent trip to New York. Particularly interesting are his comments about using traditional ENG cameras, and switching to HDDSLRs;

I hate to say this. I sold my [Sony] EX1 last year. I still have an EX3. I didn’t need both. I like the EX3 -- the shape, the shade, it’s a great camera. I will use the EX3 on a job this year. I’ve got NanoFlash for it. I’m going to be able to output some really high quality images.

But I’ve shot other documentaries purely with the 7D. I was always scared of using the 7D or the 5D for interviews because of the 12-minute time limit. With the 5D before then it was the issue of 30p (not originally 29.97fps) which is now gone. That was the biggest stumbling block for me on most projects. The 7D came along and fixed that. The 5D got new firmware and fixed that.

We still have the issues of the 12-minute thing. It hasn’t been a big issue for me. An example: I just did a big documentary in Dubai for the Dubai Royal Family. I honestly didn’t think I was going to shoot interviews with the DSLRs. I knew that I was shooting in really boring locations. I knew that it would be a struggle with the EX cameras to get shallow depth of field. I didn’t want to use 35mm adapters, because then I’d have to light it more intensely. It was a tossup.
B&H InsightsA conversation with Philip Bloom

Manfrotto now US Distributor for Genus
Genus, who makes a variety of matte boxes and support gear, is now being distributed by Manfrotto in the US.
Genus: Manfrotto and Genus Announcement

BOSFCPUG presents "Final Cut Friday" June 4 - iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch for Digital Filmmakers
Join the Boston Final Cut Pro User Group and Director Taz Goldstein of for an in-depth look at the latest apps and filmmaker accessories that can turn your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch into incredibly powerful production tools for content creation
BOSFCPUG: "Final Cut Friday"

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