Wednesday, May 19, 2010

CoreMelt Rolling Shutter Reduction

A week and a half ago I came across a mention of CoreMelt and it's Rolling Shutter Reduction, and highlighted it, but now I get a press release dated May 18th saying that CoreMelt is "pleased to launch Rolling Shutter Reduction inside Lock & Load X. CoreMelt's Lock & Load X" -- so I don't know if the page was just a place holder and they just released the software update, or if they just released the press release....

They do say:
We have included shutter coefficient settings for the Canon EOS 5D mkII, 7D and 550D.

This is afree update for current users of Lock & Load, and Lock & Load X is available for Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, and Motion. A version for After Effects is coming soon.

CoreMelt: Rolling Shutter Reduction

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