Thursday, May 20, 2010

3D webcast, Expo and 3D Workshop

May 27th, 11:00AM PDT Webcast
3D Perspectives - Images and VFX
Tim Sassoon - Vxf super for Alice in Wonderland - The Aviator, et al., Cinematographer Barry Braverman and Bob Kertesz, Blue Screen, LLC will discuss:
  • Top 5 issues to be aware of & who can solve them
  • What options are available for acquisition - rigs & camcorders
  • New roles on set - the Stereographer & Director of Photography
  • Over view of post and workflow in addition to new storage requirements
  • Converting 2D to 3D
  • Creating Visual Effects in 3D
Registration is free, but it's limited to 500 people.
Createasphere: Up Next: 3D Perspectives - Images and VFX

Createsphere/EXPLORE Entertainment Technology Exposition
September 21-22 New York
The Entertainment Technology Expo in New York, formerly known as HD EXPO, is where future technology and creative vision converge. Now expanded to two days, the Expo brings together industry experts and technical innovators for lively panel discussions, informative workshops, and a show floor where the technology comes to life.
It's free... Learn More

3D Production Workshops
Setp 19-20 New York NY, (as well as Chicago, Burbank and Washington)
Cost is $795, and limited to 40 people... Learn More
  • Overview of 3D – convergence, role of the Stereographer, history of 3D
  • 3D Choices on set - camcorder and rig options
  • Hands on Camera Lab – students will shoot with the Panasonic 3D camera and participate in mentored shoots with 3D rigs
  • Screening of camera lab footage
  • 3D Post Workflow options
  • Onset viewing options
  • Do & Don’t of 3D with hands on assignments to demo

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