Friday, February 05, 2010

Mocha v2 preview and Boot Camp

Mocha is a 2D tracking and rotoscoping tool that can be used with After Effects or Final Cut Pro (there's two different versions.) They also have a product called Shape, and even though I've seen them demoed, I still get a little confused about what the difference is between Mocha and Mocha Shape. Leaving that minor point aside:

Mocha v2 preview
Imagineer CMO, Ross Shain will be presenting a first look demo of mocha v2 at the Digital Media Arts group in Los Angeles.Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mocha Boot Camp
VFX artist David Blum is offering an independent hands on class covering the basics of planar tracking for products: mocha, mocha for after effects and mocha for Final Cut.

Classes start March 3rd, and occur in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Phoenix starting March 3rd. The cost is $99 for the three hour workshop.

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