Thursday, February 04, 2010

Canon at the Movies

Canon is holding an event at the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) awards in London on February 8th. Everyone is madly speculating; will they announce a new video Rebel, a 60D, new camcorders, or a DSLR that does video, or.....?

Or are they just holding an event to publicise/celebrate the increasing use of DSLR's in movie and TV making?

I have no idea. I am puzzled though; do companies typically announce new hardware at BAFTA? That would be like Sony rolling out their new camera at the Oscars.

The tea leaves point to a new professional camcorder coming sometime this year. Canon has talked about it. There's also been talk that there won't be any camera/DSLR mashup this year. And they will be talking about the upcoming pro-camcorder at this Friday at the SuperMeet in San Francisco. If they were going to be pimpimg any hardware next week, I would have thought it might be that.

UPDATE [4:58]: Canonrumors has a more detailed view of the above graphic with the following details visible:
We are pleased to invite you to a Canon Consumer imagine event at The British Academy of Film & Television Arts.
So it's NOT the BAFTA awards (the "at a Bafta event" description made me assume it was the BAFTA Awards!)

Now I'm starting to think it will be the new Rebel and/or 60D. The "Consumer Imaging" part makes me think it's not a professional level camcorder.

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