Monday, February 01, 2010

LensFlareLive 002: Discussion of HD DSLR’s, Convergence, Fusion, Video and Film

If you're interested in using DSLR's for video, but are just starting out, definitely catch the latest LensFlareLive podcast. It features film maker Philip Bloom, media producer Scott Bourne and Steve Weiss from Zacuto.

In this hour and a half long podcast they talk about a lot of stuff, including:

  • Canon’s surprise when HD video took off
  • Nikon foot dragging on 1080
  • How to get started in video
  • Difficulties in doing shoots
  • Should a Nikon shooter switch back to Canon?
  • Latitude of digital compared to film
  • Overheating
  • Do you need stabilized lenses?

There's a lot of other stuff covered; this list just scratches the surface. While a lot of the focus is on still photographers moving to video, anyone getting started in DLSR video will get something out of this.

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