Friday, February 05, 2010

Canon EOS E1 video plug-in for Final Cut Pro

Chris Hurd at reports that Canon has released a plug-in for Final Cut Pro that "allows simple and easy transfer of video content from Canon’s EOS DSLR cameras directly into Final Cut Pro."

He also says that it's available at Apple-Downloads Mac OS X - Final Cut Studio, but unless I'm missing something, I don't see it. There is 5DtoFCP1.1 which is a:
workflow package allows the user to choose to edit in 1080p, 1080i or straight to standard definition 16x9 25fps. Custom droplets give one click access to compressor that will convert the H264 files into ProRes for editing.
but I don't think this is the tool that's being referred to.

Since the Canon plug-in was - reportedly - released today, maybe it just hasn't shown up on Apple's site.

NOTE: I'm kind of puzzling over what Canon's plug-in actually does. From the sparse description, I'm guessing it allows Final Cut to understand the Canon camera's file structure, and let's you use Log & Transfer to import clips into Final Cut Pro (converting them to ProRes as you go.)

You can already import Canon SLR movie files right into a Final Cut Pro project and then add them to the timeline and they will "work" - unlike AVCHD files - though the downside of using the files this way is that Final Cut has to render the files before it can play them back, and performance is seriously impacted (some people has also claimed that frame accuracy in edits is compromised, though I haven't noticed that.) An alternative (at the moment) is to use Compressor to convert the files to ProRes.

I'm really hoping that it isn't fussed about file structures the way Log & Transfer is about AVCHD files.

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