Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Getting Started in Timelapse: Episode 2: Better luck

I had better luck with my second attempt at making a time-lapse sequence. I charged up the second battery - which I suspected would last better than the first - and tried doing things again.

This time, I set the camera to manual focus, aperture priority, with 10 seconds between frames, and aimed it out of the window. Once again, I suffered from not much going on in the frame, though the sun was going down, so the last part of the sequence shows that.

I also got the ERR 02 message on the first photograph. I started again, and it worked fine from then on, so I think it must be a problem writing to the card (which is an 8GB card, so maybe the D10 doesn't like that!)

The camera lasted for 620 images, and though the battery was low, I shut it off before the battery actually died. I then turned it into a sequence at 30fps using QuickTime Pro 7, and then used Final Cut Pro to create a 1280 x 720 sequence.

I do notice the "flicker" that Philip Bloom talks about. It's particularly noticeable on the far left-hand side, in the sky. You could probably get away with it though. The jumping about of the tree branches in the front of the lens is more annoying, but that's the shot I was limited to, and I'll be more careful in framing next time.

I think I'll also drop down to 5 seconds between frames. At 10 seconds between frames the clouds (what there are of them) are moving a little faster than I think I want.

Now I just have to wait for some good cloud cover!

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