Thursday, February 04, 2010

Digital Convergence Episode 2

The 16x9 Digital Convergence podcast is a new podcast series by Carl Olson targeted at photographers, videographers, musicians, sound engineers and multimedia artists. This is what he say's about it:
It is a combination of videocasts, screencasts and audio-only podcasts. We hope to be your Lonely Planet tour guide of all things video, photography, and audio. We will talk with others who have traveled the road of digital convergence. We will talk with videographers, photographers, sound engineers, musicians, and other creative artists. We'll talk fun stuff like equipment and software.
Episode 2 features Bruce Sharpe, CEO and founder of Singular Software, developer of Plural Eyes, a plug-in for Final Cut and Vegas which will synchronize multiple video and audio clips without the need for timecode or clappers.

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