Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Manfrotto's Fluid Video Monopod followup

Yesterday's review of the Manfrotto Video Monopod prompted some interesting comments from readers:

Billy May wrote:
"I have 2 Manfrotto 561BHDV1's and use them pretty much everyday... TIP: WD-40 cures the stutter in the ball socket instantly."

Paul Antico of Anticipate Media wrote:
"it's the one piece of kit I use the most, support wise." Paul went on to add that to minimize the judder he: "loosened screws at the base. Minimized it. Could have removed it completely but wanted a bit of stiffness."

John Marc Green writes:
"I shot an entire short film with one of these and a 5D Mark III. it is best used as a replacement for a shoulder rig, not a tripod alternative. It's much better than hand held shooting when you want a "living camera" look but need stable support such as when shooting video with a DSLR and prime lenses. There's a reason Still Motion uses them for shooting weddings. They're great for documentary style shooting also. I've been borrowing one when I need it, but after doing my short film "Lipidleggin" with it, it's on my short list of next gear purchases."

Josh Davidsburg recommends this excellent video tutorial on using the 561BHDV1 from StillMotion:

Note how they hold the camera very close to their bodies for support when using the monopod.

B&H: Manfrotto's Fluid Video Monopod 561BHDV1 [$279.00]

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