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First Look at the Ultra-Compact Phantom Miro M320S | AbelCine | Vimeo
Vision Research has announced the Phantom Miro M320S high-speed camera. It's described as their new flagship of ultra-compact high-speed cameras:
The Miro M320S features a 12 bit, 2 Megapixel sensor that’s near the size of 35mm film, and can capture up to 1500 frames per second at 1920×1080 resolution. The M320S features an HD-SDI output for high-quality monitoring or recording and is available with all popular lens mounts. Literally fitting in the palm of your hand, the Miro weighs in at only three pounds.
There's more at Studio Daily:
Phantom’s Miro M320S Shoots 1080p at 1540fps | Bryant Frazer | Studio Daily
The sensor has 35mm depth-of-field characteristics, and the camera is available with a variety of lens mounts, including Canon EOS, 35mm PL-mount, and Nikon F-mount and C-mount. When using the EOS (EF) mount, aperture and focus can be remote-controlled.
Along with the M320S, the Miro M-Series includes the M310, which shoots up to 3600 fps at a max resolution of 720p, the M120, which shoots 800 fps at 1080p, and the M110, which shoots 1500fps at 720p. Of the four cameras in the M-series line, the M320S is the only one with HD-SDI output.

First Sony FS700 Footage & Thoughts on Sony as a Camera Maker | Eric Reagan
| Photography Bay
While the post is about the Sony NEX-FS700, it appears to be a veiled swipe at Canon:
As big of an electronics behemoth that is Sony, it’s somewhat surprising to see it stepping out on a limb with what customers are seeking – with a sub-$10k camera that shoots 240fps at full 1080p and planned upgrade path to 4K resolution.

It’s not like no one asked Canon for any of these features. We’re pushing the four year mark (come September) and Canon still hasn’t delivered a 1080/60p camera – even for $16,000.

VS - 1080p Film shot on Sony NEX FS700 | HANGMAN F-STOP | Vimeo
DP Den Lennie shot this video with the new NEX-FS700:
This film was produced to demonstrate the 200fps mode @1080p on the New Sony NEX-FS700. This camera will do up to 960fps but at reduced bitrate and resolution. We wanted to maintain 1080p so did not shoot beyond 200fps.

Dueling Canon C300 and Arri Alexa | Shane Hurlbut | Hurlbut Visuals
Shane shoots with the C300 and Alexa and then compares the footage:
It goes without saying that the two cameras are at two very different price points and classifications, but right out of the gate, the Canon C300 looked great side by side with the Alexas. I’m speaking strictly about how the footage looked at Video Village before any color correction and grading. Ultimately, the choice is determined by your time, budget, color space and compression preferences and final deliverable required.
Andrew Reid at EOSHD then offers his own take on Shane's post:
Canon C300 versus Arri Alexa on Game of Thrones | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
The big story here is just how mind-blowingly good mass produced low cost technology is getting. The massive investment in CMOS by Canon, Panasonic and Sony, huge volumes, consumer demand – all goes to create a relatively low cost monster that produces footage which can be intercut with a $75,000 movie camera – the best of the breed. The C300 is a viable option for prime time TV like Game of Thrones at a fraction of the cost of the Alexa.

CES 2012: Thunderbolt devices from OCZ, LaCie, Belkin, Elgato and even PCs from Acer and Lenovo | 9 to 5 Mac
Lots of new Thunderbolt devices coming:
LaCie also announced an external Thunderbolt dock dubbed the eSATA Hub Thunderbolt Series. It is a handy solution for those wishing to connect external devices, such as eSATA hard drives and Thunderbolt displays, to their notebook with ease. The eSATA Hub Thunderbolt Series looks like an external storage, but do not let the looks deceive you: This box has on its back two eSATA ports topping out at 6GBps each (same as your computer’s internal SSD), in addition to two Thunderbolt ports.

Canon C300 Dark room | Mark Moreve | Vimeo
This is a real low-light test of the C300!:
Shooting on the Canon C300 today in a Darkroom today for a job. I set the camera to 20,000 iso Gamma table normal 3 & Matrix Normal 3. Tungsten preset f2.8 using a Canon ef 16-35mmL. The only light in the room was an Ilford Darkroom safe light in the ceiling.

First Look: Tangent Element | Patrick Inhofer | Tao of Color Grading
Patrick looks at this colorist control surface. Topics covered include:
Physical size versus the Tangent Wave
Functionality vs. Wave in DaVinci Resolve
Live demo – with DaVinci Resolve
Overall Impressions

Canon EOS 5D Mark II Shutter Life |
A database of user reports that calculates the shutter life of the 5D Mark II. Good to know for those looking at all the 5D's on eBay!
TIP: Don't buy a 5D Mark II from someone that shot timelapses!
Average number of actuations after which shutter is still alive: 220,272.6
Average number of actuations after which shutter died: 380,332.5

How to Build a Custom RED SCARLET/EPIC Flight Case for 75% Less Than the RED Version | Ryan Koo | No Film School
Cameras cases are vital - but can be expensive. Ryan explains how to make a budget one for the RED:
However, the same wheeled case — a Pelican 1510, which is the maximum allowable size for carrying onto an airplane — is just $150. It’s certainly nice to have a custom foam insert in your case for maximum camera/accessory security, but if you don’t feel like spending $450 on a foam insert, here’s how to create your own — using RED’s own custom-cut materials, which come with the original camera and accessory packaging.

Two New Compact Prime CP.2 Lenses at NAB 2012 | Zeiss
Zeiss adds to their CP.2 line:
The Compact Prime CP.2 15/T2.9 super wide angle lens provides a broad field of coverage and is perfect for use in confined spaces or to provide dramatic panoramas to help set the scene.

The Compact Prime CP.2 135/T2.1 lens is the longest lens ever added to the Compact Prime CP.2 product line.
Carl Zeiss 2 New Compact Lightweight Compact Prime CP.2 lenses | Cinescopophilia

Sony Professional: HXR-NX30 - Ed Moore gives his first impressions
Sony Professional | Vimeo
Sony Professional announced two other cameras this week; here's a bit more on one of them:
Ed Moore gives his first impressions of the HXR-NX30. The HXR-NX30 combines Balanced Optical SteadyShot with Small, Lightweight Form Factor and High-Performance Features.

Sony Professional: HXR-NX30 - Ed Moore gives his first impressions from Sony Professional on Vimeo.

Apple Logic Pro X Release Date | Mdkiwol | New Mobile Technologies
Never mind Logic X, will Apple announce anything about Final Cut Pro X this year? reports that Apple may be finishing up work on a new version of its Logic professional audio software, with the new version being named Apple Logic Pro X. According to a rough English translation provided alongside the original Japanese-language report, a source familiar with the status of the project appears to report that the news comes from a source involved in a “customer interview” with Apple’s Logic team.

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