Friday, April 06, 2012

Sony NEX-FS700 News

First Hands-On Review of the SONY FS700 | Frank Glencairn | Blog
Frank got to play with the FS700 and provides a lot of details in this blog post:
It looks like SONY has really listened to the users. We finally have that ND Filter wheel, a lot of guys where asking for. The top handle is super beefy now and feels like it is milled out of one massive block of aluminum. Also the front mount sits on a big black metal base, very solid and twice the size of the FS100 counterpart. Overall the whole body feels more rugged and solid, but gained some weight, because of all the extra metal.
Adding that his FS100 is for sale, he goes on to say:
Noise is about the same as in the FS100, and it looks like we lost a bit of low light sensitivity (still impressive). But the downsampled images from the new sensor are stunning and the option of future 4k raw output is amazing.

Sony Professional: Introducing the Sony NEX-FS700 | Sony | Vimeo
Sony Europe has posted a video on the NEX-FS700 that includes interviews with multiple DPs:
The first footage from Sony's new NEX-FS700. The new Super 35mm model is designed for high-speed shooting and is capable of capturing footage at up to 960 frames per second. The camcorder also features a range of capabilities such as 3G HD-SDI output and built-in ND filters. Additionally, it also offers several creative options, shooting styles and enhanced ergonomics – all based on customer feedback – to deliver a flexible production tool that fits seamlessly into a variety of shooting applications.

Sony Professional: Introducing the Sony NEX-FS700 from Sony Professional on Vimeo.

FS700 480 FPS Test | Andy Shipsides | Vimeo
Andy posts a sample high-speed video. Forget ND filters and 4K footage, this feature alone may sell more cameras!
This was a very quick test we did with the FS700 and it's super slow motion options. Both clips are shot at 480 fps which records 10 seconds of real time. The image quality is reduced when shooting in this mode. The camera can be triggered at the start, end, or 'end half' when shooting slow motion. Even with some quality loss, the 480 fps looked pretty good. We did test 960 fps and the image quality was obviously reduced.

FS700 480 FPS Test from Andy Shipsides on Vimeo.

FS700 footage specs | Peter Prevec | Too Much Imagination
Peter was also one of the DPs featured in Sony's video, and writes about some more of the footage he shot with the camera:
First is about a girl and her car. This shot was recorded on SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE 50mm T0.95 lens. The creamy bokeh perfect for this scene as the sequence is about her memories. I helped myself with nailing the focus by using Genus follow focus and SmallHD DP4 with its great new peaking function.
And he includes a custom picture profile for the camera from Frank Glencairn.

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