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Canon 5D Mark III Light Leak? | CanonRumors
A report of a problem in the 5DMkIII where the light meter is being affected by the LCD light:
A light leak issue in the 5D Mark III has been reported over the last couple of days. It seems the top side LCD may be to blame. I can confirm this is happening on at least one of the 5D Mark III’s I own (the rest are out for rent), I will look into the issue with more bodies in the coming days.
This has caused some excitement;
*UPDATE* REPORT: EOS 5D Mark III – Light Leak Issue? | HD Cam Team
This is absolutely frustrating. How can Canon release a $3,500 camera body without carefully testing this? Just by turning LCD backlight on, or under bright light you get a wrong exposure metering?
Who go on to use the occasion to point out problems they see in compression and the sharpening functionality of the camera.

Yet several people on Twitter don't this as much of a problem, as the following post - which notes there's no leak to the image on the sensor - explains:

Canon 5D mark 3 top LCD Light Leak…Is it actually an issue? | V. J. Franke | Points in Focus
Under normal use, I’m having a hard time finding a situation where there’s an change in metering that 1) I can attribute directly to the top LCD leaking and not a change in the composition, subject, eye-placement at the viewfinder, or lighting, and 2) where said error in metering is appreciable enough to affect the captured image in any appreciable way.

New Sony PMW-F3/RGB Offers Widest Latitude on Lens Choices and Dynamic Range with 10-bit S-Log Pre-installed | Sony Professional | Google
Sony press release on the PMW-F3 hi-lights the now included S-Log, but suggests no other changes in the short term for this camera:
Sony is continuing the evolution of its PMW-F3 camcorder, with a series of new product introductions and high-performance upgrades. Available now the new models PMW-F3K/RGB and PMW-F3L/RGB come pre-installed with Sony’s performance leading 10 bit S-Log RGB 4:4:4 and 10 bit S-Log 4:2:2 upgrade at no additional cost. These products and enhancements will unleash the camcorder’s full range of capabilities, with 800% Dynamic Range, with over 12.5 stops of latitude, giving professionals greater production flexibility.

Bringing it together | Sam Morgan Moore | DSLR4Real
This article breaks down a short video piece, explaining how it was shot:
The Action -Again two cameras are a boon because they gave real continuity, actually this could be done single camera.
A simple way to make the shots cut is to have one camera at the side and another almost front on.
I try and keep the camera lively both with panning and also little moves say from the cyclists feet to their head. You will see Misha opperating the Bcam on a wide does some nice little moves like lifting the camera up during a take.

3Ality Technica to Debut New 3D Rig at NAB | Carolyn Giardina
| The Hollywood Reporter
If 3D is still alive at NAB, 3Ality will be showing off some gear, including a rig using the Sony PMW-F3:
3Ality will introduce a new Sony PMW-F3 accessories kit, designed in partnership with Sony for the F3 2D camera.
At NAB, NEP Broadcasting will exhibit an outside broadcast truck outfitted with 3ality Technica technology.

Amazon Studios announces slate of films for development and two writing assignments | Adi Robertson | The Verge
Amazon Studios started a couple of years ago as an attempt to encourage filmmakers and writers. They have now changed the terms for any submissions and have some new "assignments":
Amazon Studios, the crowdsourced screenwriting and filmmaking project by the bookselling giant, has announced its "Development Slate," a set of the "most promising" ideas to come out of the pitches it's received. Among those, it's offering $33,000 to rewrite either of two projects: fairy-tale comedy 12 Princesses and I Think My Facebook Friend is Dead, a story about an introverted teen trying to save his Facebook crush.

Canon C300 Comparing CF vs SDI Output Compression and Key Results using Hyperdeck Shuttle | Scott Bryant | Vimeo
I was under the impression that there was little difference between the image captured internally, and that sent out of the C300, but it appears there is some:
Based on this information I've conduced this simple test, comparing the two acquisition options from the camera.. The C300 produced very crisp clean footage that any compositor would have no problem keying, but the uncompressed footage really shines as it avoids the compression pass.. We'll be using this method to complete a number of upcoming commercials and VFX based TV promos. ( I'm adding a link to a higher quality 1080 HD clip for your review and comparison)

C300 vs FS100 Which is which? | Kv Films | Vimeo
Video shot with the Canon C300 and Sony NEX-FS100 match pretty closely:
Quick example of similar shots with the Canon C300 and FS100, C long and CPF-LOG them Color Corrected and a some light Grading.
my point is: is difficult for me to tell which is which.
Build Quality of the C300 is outstanding and ND wheel is Great, You can feel it worth that much. But at the end of the day what is important (at least for me) is bang for the bucks. For the price of one C300 you can buy 3x Fs100.

Do We Really Want To OWN Our Media? | HOLLYN-wood (Norman, that is) | Blog
Meaning, do people want to own DVD's and CD's?:
Jennifer Holt, who was the sole academic on the panel and who runs the Media Industries Project at UC Santa Barbara, said the following fascinating thing. “People don’t want to own media anymore.” People, she said, want to view (and, I assume, rent), not own.

Nikon speeds up digital camera race | Debra Kaufman
Is Nikon finally competing with Canon - in the video space?
Will the Nikon D800 ignite DSLR wars? "Quite possibly," says McHugh, who reports that she's observed a "big battle" between proponents of the Mark III and D800 on an online filmmaker forum. "I think Nikon has given Canon a run for its money this go-round with the D800. And it is most definitely good for the market to have competition."

Is Working On Stills Easier in After Effects or Photoshop? | Sebastien Lavoie
| TutsPlus
Interesting demonstration of After Effects as a still image manipulation tool:
Non-destructive workflow is a must, especially when working within a team. Since After Effects is designed for animation nothing is destructive. That means that every effect value can be stacked as desired and modified later. The only way to get that kind of non-destructiveness in Photoshop is often to create multiple layers to achieve the same result and will sometimes be impossible. Let’s see the same effect applied in both After Effects and Photoshop.

Picturing ‘Silent House’: DSLR Video Goes Big Time, in Real Time | Jay Holben
| Creative Planet Network
Article about the making of a movie with a couple of unusual elements:
Behind the camera for Silent House was director of photography Igor Martinovic (Man on Wire, The Tillman Story, Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1980, Nurse Jackie). “I had spoken with the two directors [Kentis and Lau] previously about another project, and they came to me and said that they wanted to do a horror film and do it in one continuous shot,” recalls Martinovic. “I thought, ‘What a great opportunity!’

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