Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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Spring Revolution – my shoot with the Canon 5D Mark III – first impressions
| Andrew Reid | EOSHD
Minor issue with the Canon 5D Mark III effects some Mac apps:
The colour space of video is now broadcast HDTV standard Rec. 709 (thanks for the discovery, David Newman on Twitter). The 5D Mark II had the old standard definition 601 colour space, which didn’t make any sense at all. Meta data and timecode is stored in the Quicktime clip, no THM file is present. VLC Player 1.9 doesn’t playback the ALL-I H.264 – unusually for that app. Quicktime X is OK but I don’t use it. Instead, updating to the latest VLC Player 2.0.1 fixed the issue.

EOSHD test of Canon 5D Mark III ISO 12,800 | Andrew Reid | Vimeo
Andrew has also posted a short, low-light, hand-held video clip:
5D Mark III footage shot with Leica R 50mm F2 wide open, direct from the card, edited natively in Premiere CS5.5, no colour correction or any other alterations in post.

ALL-I 1080/25p.

Canon 5D Mark III Graded | Stu Maschwitz | prolost
Quick experimental grade with some Mark III footage:
Dan Chung posted some camera-original clips from his new 5D Mark III. I grabbed one and did a quick color grade. [...]

To my eye, in this highy subjective and non-conclusive test, the footage holds up better under extreme adjustments than that of the 5D Mark II.

How to shorten the Sony FS 100 Viewfinder? | eteotico | YouTube
The Sony NEX-FS100 viewfinder tube is rather long; this video tutorial offers a solution for shortening it:
This is a quick tutorial on how you can make the Sony FS 100 Viewfinder shorter. All you'll need is a reading lens (go to your nearest optical shop) and a 2" velcro tape. This was shot with an FS 100 using a Minolta Zoom 70-210mm F4.0.

Light is Our Inspiration | Moose Peterson | B&H
This applies to video just as much as stills:
Light—in all of its magical and frustrating patterns—is to me the number one ingredient in a great photograph. Beyond any piece of camera gear, Photoshop, or shooting technique, it is the heart and soul of a photograph! This is the problem, as I see it. For many photographers, recognizing great light when we do have it, and then working with it, is a hurdle. (The opposite is also true, but that’s another article). And just as important, I think, is recognizing it in the photograph, be it in your own or in that of others.

What is the Future of DSLR Video? | Romanas Naryškin | Mansurovs
A couple of days ago I linked to Philip Johnston's article that the DSLR revolution was over. Not everyone agrees:
With all the attention the biggest DSLR manufacturers have been giving to the video recording capability of their cameras, it is safe to assume DSLR video is here to stay. Even the skeptics seem to be less sure of their arguments against such a trend. A new wave of short films hit the broad horizon of the Internet – is now full of short DSLR-filmed movies, and plenty new videos are added every day.

Nikon D4 tested at DxOMark, gets second best overall score | NikonRumors
The D4 does well in testing:
DxOMark published their test results for the Nikon D4 camera. The D4 automatically took the #2 spot, based on overall test score and just 2 points after the PhaseOne IQ180 digital back. Another interesting aspect is that the Nikon D3s got a better low-light ISO score than the new D4.

Jag35 Zip Tie Focus Lens Gear | Olivia | Olivia Tech
Quick video about Jag's low-cost focus lens gears:
We received these Zip Gears from Jag35. The Zip Gear is a strap that wraps around a lens to provide an interface with a 0.8 mod focus driving devices. These lens gears have a low profile and can be kept on your lenses to eliminate having to change out the gears for each use. They’re easy to apply, you simply attach the gears to your lens using a Zip tie.

Import Only Audio or Video Into FCPX Timeline | Connor Crosby | FinalCutWhiz
Tutorial explaining how to import a video or audio track only; also has a link to Dan Allen's YouTube video that explains the same thing:
Sometimes you may just want only video or only audio when bringing in media from your Event Browser to your Timeline in Final Cut Pro X. Luckily, there is a simple way to do this.

Apple’s iMovie will now work on your iPad 1! | Taz Goldstein | HandHeldHollywood
Taz wonders why Apple has brought iMovie - with limited features - to the iPad 1 now, and thinks that maybe it's in response to Avid Studio:
So, iPad 1 owner, are you excited to create your very first iMovie Trailer? Not so fast… It seems Apple still has you sitting at the kid’s table. While you’re able to edit video with ease, you don’t have access to the app’s new Movie Trailers feature. For that, you’ll still need to upgrade your iPad.

5 Ways to Keep the Sound Guy Happy | IGGY | How To Film School
Some tips on sound - many apply even if you don't have a sound guy:
Room Tone
Everyone knows how important room tone is, but a very important part of room tone is making sure that it is being captured under the same conditions that you were shooting under. That could mean all the lights being on and even trying to match the amount of bodies in the room.

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