Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dan Chung Tweets on the Canon 5D Mark III

Dan Chung of DSLR News Shooter just got his Canon 5D Mark III and is tweeting about it:
Finally got my 5DmkIII in my hands - some strange layout choices. Not quite the same as the 5DmkII. Some better some worse.

Focus magnification now either on the left side of screen or the Set button - I find it harder to use when handholding

Aperture control is nice as you can set it on the main dial and lock the shutter speed, no more accidental changes in vide

On screen meters seem to require a whole lot of other stuff on display to clutter the screen. Anyone figured out how to remove that stuff?

Using a 5DmkIII alongside a 5DmkII for video is going to be very very confusing. Control layout too different

HMDI out of 5DmkIII also not quite what I was expecting - basically windowed 1080i, similar to 7D

Really annyoing thing is the audio meters are outside the windowed HDMI area - U lose audio meter if U scale an EVF to fill the screen

The Moire is much much better on the 5D3 - and rolling shutter too. Very clean high ISO. Audio control is nice

And I can't seem to get audio to pass out of the HDMI, so no option for @Zacuto EVF's audio levels either

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