Saturday, April 09, 2011

NAB Quick Links | Updated

[10:33PM] - from the SuperMeet website:
We will announce shortly our last round of tickets - Temporarily Sold Out

  • Vincent Laforet lists his appearances and a few "interesting" product announcements, including the new Canon PL zoom lenses. NAB – Lectures and live appearances on Teradek TV

  • The arrival of these Canon PL lenses has prompted concern that Canon's next DSLR will use a PL mount: DSLR 4 Real: Total Specualtion - Canons New Lenses
    Personally Canon going PL seems unlikely; they may just be making a lens to sell for other cameras, or they may have a video camera coming that uses a PL mount (they do have a video division.) It's doubtful they'll abandon the EF mount for DSLRS. At least not for the majority of users

  • Boston DP Tom Guilmette will be at NAB working the Vinten booth April 11 to April 13th and the Zacuto/Kessler Booth the morning of April 14th. He'll be posting updates at @tomguilmette

  • Baselight on Final Cut Pro Filmlight have announced a Baselight color grading plugin for Final Cut Pro. This plugin gives editors direct access to Baselight functionality within Final Cut Pro. You will be able to see it on the Filmlight stand (SL7920) or in the Paramount Room at The Renaissance Hotel: NAB 2011
    Scott Simmons has posted his take on it, noting the under-$1,000 price and wondering if it will work with FCP X: Baselight introduces Baselight on Final Cut Pro
    Patrick Inhofer also has details: Baselight is Final Cut’s Newest Color Grading Plugin! and is bound to have more after he sees it at NAB.

  • Scott Simmons from The EditBlog at ProVideoCoalition lists the things he plans to check out, as well as the classes he will be teaching. One of those NAB Where I’ll Be posts

  • Color Grading expert Alexis Van Hurkman will be at the Blackmagic booth Monday 3-5, Wed 10-12, and Thursday 10-12. Alexis Van Hurkman

  • A Facebook page for the NAB Show features Meetups, Tweetups and Parties!" Facebook: NABShow

  • Paul Antico of NeedCreative has posted a list of his planned activities at NAB: NeedCreative At NAB - Bring It.

  • ICG Magazine Preview: offers their preview of things to see at NAB, including the Atomos Ninja and Samurai digital recorders, SGO/Mistaka Post-Production Systems, a postproduction workflow tool called Flexxity, and many more: NAB 2011 Preview

  • Brandon Damon Blog Shorts: Looks like he will be video blogging his way through NAB. [The first things he sees is "slots", I repeat, "slots"-Ed]: NAB Has Started

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11:30PM Added Paul Antico entry

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