Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sony NEX-VG10 - September 17th?

The Technology Talks website quotes an eBay seller as saying the shipping date for the NEX-VG10 is now September 17th. Maybe. I'm not sure I'd put much stock in a quote from an eBay seller... [UPDATE BELOW]

Meanwhile, a guy on Vimeo claims this is his first NEX-VG10 clip.

NEX VG-10 FIRST CLIP TEST VIDEO AUDIO from Mattia Santino Merli on Vimeo.

[UPDATED Sep 13 - Amazon's product page now gives an "In Stock" date of September 30th.]


Paul said...

I'm watching this thing like a hawk; you'll always find the latest sample videos, discussions, news and Web links at the following dedicated site:

Paul said...

P.S.: My pre-order just went into "Ready for shipment" status with a shipping date of 9/14.

Michael Murie said...