Sunday, September 12, 2010

Some interesting new products

Some new products from IBC that look interesting...

Sony HXR-MC2000

Sony have rolled out a tapeless version of the HVR-HD1000, and called it the HXR-MC2000. It has a single 1/4" CMOS sensor (ehhh), and manual lens ring (sweet), but the audio input is just a mini-plug; no XLRs. Oh Sony! That was the primary reason I bought the Panasonic AG-HMC70U over the HD1000 a couple of years back. I don't understand Sony's reasoning; anyone buying a large shoulder camera these days is probably going to want to do more with audio than your typical "consumer" camera buyer.

The camera has 64GB of internal flash memory, and accepts Memory Stick and SD cards (it's unclear, but I think it just has a single slot....if true, I'd rather they ditch the internal memory and had two card slots.)

Reportedly, the camera will sell for about the same as the HD1000 (somewhere between $1,500 and $2,000.) HXR-MC2000E

Sony's "Affordable" 35mm filmlike camcorder
Sony showed off a 35mm cinema style camcorder at NAB, and they did it again at IBC, though there's not a lot more information about it, so it's still a ways off. HDWarrior says they were talking about a price of $20,000. If so, they are clearly going after the RED and ARRI market, not the DSLR/Panasonic AF100.
HDWarrior: 1st Day at IBC “Sony gO retRo”

Ki Pro Mini (left) and the Ki Pro

AJA Ki Pro Mini
The original AJA Ki Pro is a memory recorder that supports 10-bit 4:2:2 using ProRes, but it's rather large and costs $4,000. They have now announced the Ki Pro Mini, which does much the same thing, in a smaller form factor, and for half the price.

This would be awesome with a Canon's DSLR if the damn camera's output the full HD resolution image over HDMI in recording mode. And I'd be tempted to marry one of these to my trusty HDV Sony FX1, but it's really not worth it to me to buy one just for that.

And yet, Sony told me than the Sony HXR-NX5u sends out 4:2:2 video out it's HD-SDI port. Add the AJA Ki Pro Mini, and you have 4:2:2 recording for $6,000, i.e. a little less than the Canon FX300

The Ki Pro Mini is expected in October for $1,995.
AJA: AJA Announces Ki Pro Mini, Portable File-Based Recorder at IBC 2010

Atomos Ninja

Atomos Ninja
$2,000 too much for a digital recorder? What about $1,000? Atomos has the Ninja, a digital video recorder that also uses Apple ProRes, and saves to 2.5" Notebook HDD or SSD drives. It will be available in December for $995. this might work well with the FX1...

Zacuto Z-Finder
Finally, this video pupports to show a Z-Finder V3, with the Canon EOS 60D. Not sure if that is actually a new version of the Zacuot finder, or the Z-Finder Pro 3x. There's nothing on about a new version.

Either way, I got a little nervous watching him pry the frame off the LCD panel.

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