Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The daily Sony NEX-VG10 update

I have to do at least one update on the NEX-VG10...because, well I'm clearly fixated. has a review up of the camera. They like the look of it, and most of the features - they aren't evaluating it for professional use - and generally like the image quality:
Colours are reproduced quite accurately, although some shades are sometimes a little dull. The level of detail is excellent, and the VG10 easily beat the CX550 with our test card. We were a little disappointed by sensitivity, and found a lot of noise in low light levels for a CMOS sensor using Exmor R
This is the second article to note that the low-light sensitivity isn't as good as was expected, which I really think is more due to the somewhat slow f/3.8 lens, than to the processor. I'm hoping someone will put the 16mm f/2.8 E-mount lens on the camera and see how that performs. Sony NEX-VG10


The manual is now available at in English!

Operating GUide [PD]
Handbook [PDF]


Paul said...

Finally found the documentation in English!


Operating Guide

Michael Murie said...


But has your NEX-VG10 shipped?!

Michael Murie said...

I need to stop saying awesome.... ;)