Wednesday, July 28, 2010

xtranormal - cinematographer vs. producer on DSLRs

Want to make a movie but don't have a camera or actors? let's you create movies by just choosing a couple of characters and entering your script. xtranormal then renders a 3D scene with characters that 'act" back your movie. I've seen a few of these, and while they are generally very stilted - particularly the text to speech voices - it does let you quickly get the idea across.

One such example is Cinematographer vs. Producer, a rather amusing rant against using DSLRs for movies with the oblivious Producer enthusiastically wanting to use a DSLR for the next movie, while the Cinematographer lists all the reasons why you shouldn't. Here's a couple of examples:
Producer: I saw a great music video on YouTube. It has great depth of field.
Cinematographer: You saw a music video on YouTube? Wow, you really did your homework.

Cinematographer: You think you can shoot a feature film without lights?
Producer: Yes, with the 7D you don't even need lights.
Cinematographer: What idiot producer blog do you read on your iPhone 4?
Of course, there's something a little ironic about (I'm assuming) a Cinematographer using this rather basic 3D rendering and text-to-speech production to attack the new technology of DSLRs. Some actor will surely produce the sequel.

Note: there's some profanity in the audio; it's not suitable for work. CINEMATOGRAPHER VS. PRODUCER

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