Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The end of 3D?

At Engadget, Michael Gartenberg, a partner at Altimeter Group, writes about why he doesn't think 3D TV is worth it: Entelligence: 3D TV falls flat for me

And Kit R. Roane at Forbes thinks 3D movies are already dying at the box office; movie audiences are down, and after dabbling with watching movies in 3D are preferring to see the cheaper 2D releases:
The crush of 3-D movies being offered this summer has whittled down the number of 3-D screens available for any single movie release. Since big movies require big releases, more 2-D screens are being used, providing people with the option to see the films in the regular format. When given the choice now, many are choosing to forego an expensive trip to an often-gimmicky third dimension.
Forbes: Why 3-D is already dying

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