Saturday, July 31, 2010

RODE promotion - $1 Vicoustic Flexi Screen Lite

I get some interesting things in my mail, in amongst all the spam. The latest was an email from RODE mics announcing a promotion this August; buy one of their qualifying mics (from a qualifying distributor) and get a Vicoustic Flexi Screen Lite for $1 (AUD) [that's $.90 USD]. Qualifying mics are:

But what's a Vicoustic Flexi Screen Lite?

It appears to be an isolation panel for vocal recording, which might be useful for those who occasionally do voice-over work at home; better than hanging up a comforter. But finding information about them proved rather difficult; B & H doesn't carry them, and neither does any other US vendor that I can see. I have found some overseas sites that reference it, and I also found the Vicoustic site; though it took me a while to find the product page; and it didn't give me much more info!

I did find on the Vicoustic site that RODE is now their US (and Australian) distributor, so maybe someone here will have them soon.

Also unclear is whether it includes the mounting arm for attaching to a tripod like the one seen in the photograph.

RODE Microphones: Vicoustic Registration
Vicoustic: Flexi Screen Lite
Macmusic: Vicoustic Flexi Screen Lite


Virgult said...

Looks like the small steel bar at the base of the screen can be easily fitted between the standard mic mount and the tripod screw. I'm getting one in the next days, and your pic helped me figure out if it's easy to set up. My conclusions are those above. ;)

Hyperman said...

I bought the Rode K2 mic from B&H and found the promotion for $1 Vicoustic Flexi Screen Lite and redeemed it in October. Just went to the Rode promotion website and entered my purchase information and got my Vicoustic Flexi Screen Lite in the mail two days later.