Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Macs; no Blu-ray or 3.0 USB

Apple did announce new iMac's and Mac Pro's, goosing the processor's in all models. The low end iMac's now have Core i3 chips rather than Core 2 Duo's, and the Mac Pro now goes to 12 cores. The iMac's are available now, but the 12-core won't be available until August (and aren't listed in the store, though there is info on the site.)

As expected, no Blu-ray (we've given up on that) but perhaps a little surprising that there's still no USB 3.0 support. USB 3.0 probably requires a major redesign of the motherboard and cases, so we probably have to wait another year - or more - for that...

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Arlen said...

USB 3 cards can be bought for about $40 and self-installed into Mac Pros. So it wouldn't really take much of a re-design, and it's odd that they didn't just include it. Not surprised about Blu-Ray though, given SJ's earlier comments on it.