Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Canon rumors

There's been so many any-day-now rumors over the last few months about a Canon 60D that I actually decided last week that I wasn't going to mention it again until Canon actually announced the beast. But then Cameratown posted that the 60D and a new 5D are just around the corner. A new 5D?! well abandon all previous protestations of indifference and let the wild speculating begin!

Unfortunately, while the Cameratown article is written as though it's a done deal, there's very little in the article suggesting why they think these cameras are coming, other than the fact that's it's been a while since the previous generation cameras were updated.

More interesting is a list of desired features for a 5D replacement (if/when it comes.) I think the list is pretty fanciful, and would be willing to bet at least $1 that less than half of those features will make it in to a 5D Mark III. True 1080 HDMI output (or "close" like the 7D) sure, Improved Noise Reduction almost certainly (the chip is more than likely going to do better in low light than the current one.)

But Unlimited HD recording? Seems unlikely...though why they couldn't let you at least record up to 29:59 in HD is unclear. Yet they didn't do it in the 1D Mark IV, so why suddenly get around to it now? And RAW HD video or external audio control/meter? Seems very, very unlikely. I'd even go so far as to say very, very, very, very unlikely.

Meanwhile Canonrumors has posted a chart that may or may not mean something about a forthcoming 60D... Canon to Replace the EOS 50D & 5D Mark II in August? DXO Gives Away 60D?

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