Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Sony and 3D World Magazine competition

Sony and 3D World magazine have teamed up for a 3D competition. Create a stereo 3D short film and you might win a 3D Home Entertainment system, (as well as fame and glory.) Okay, you probably won't get any of that, but you might learn a thing or two, and you have until July 9th to enter!

Most interesting is that the site has a bunch of resources that might help those looking to dabble in 3D. PDF tutorials include:
  • Ben Kitching explains how to create a stereoscopic camera rig in your 3D modelling app of choice, so that you can create a stereoscopic 3D film
  • Red Star 3D's Ben Smith explains how Dracula 4D, a spooky action comedy, was given the stereoscopic treatment
  • Mark Ramshaw looks at the fresh challenges, the new grammar and the wider implications for the CG industry.
Video Tutorials:
  • Eric Bacus builds a LightWave S-3D camera rig
  • Creating stereo 3D with Gary Noden
  • Cinema 4D stereoscopic workflow
  • Modo401: stereoscopic workflow
  • Maya: go stereoscopic

[UPDATE 1:05PM] clarrified that Eric Bacus video concerns LightWave

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