Thursday, April 08, 2010

News from Here & There

From Still to Motion promo movie
The authors of the book From Still to Motion have put together a short movie where they talk about the book, the goals behind it, and why it can be difficult to shoot with a DSLR. It's on Facebook: Video posted by From Still to Motion

SmallHD 5.6" DP-SLR monitor
Looks like this NAB show will be the show of high-quality small LCD monitors. First Marshall was tweeting about a 5" monitor they will be showing, and now there's information leaking out about SmallHD's upcoming 5.6" 1280 x 800 monitor. Both are expected to cost about $800. There doesn't seem any info on SmallHD's website yet, but the HDWarrior blog has a detailed post.

Kata bags
I like Kata bags, and they have some interesting new bags they will be rolling out at NAB:

The D-Light Capsules are billed as being intended for HDV camcorders (surely they mean flash memory camcorders?!). The D-Light Capsule-183 is a lightweight, case designed to carry camcorders such as the Panasonic HVX200, HPX170 & HMC150, Canon XH A1s & G1s, Sony EX1R, V1, Z1, Z7, Z5 and similar.

Kata Pro-Light Resource-61

The Pro-Light Resource-61 is a shoulder bag designed specifically for a VDSLR kitted out with Video production gear and accessories. The double-decker design allows you to arrange your gear hierarchically, while a modular Cocoon Pouch will fit anywhere in the remaining space and hold accessories you need or even an additional DSLR body. This is the first in a range of dedicated Video DSLR products Kata plans to launch in the near future.

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