Saturday, April 10, 2010

Reviews of Panasonic HPX370

Panasonic earlier this week announced the AG-HPX370 (MSRP $11,700) and already there are reviews!

Barry Green at dxruser says Panasonic has taken a brilliant but flawed camera and fixed all the flaws:
...they've created a 1/3” chipset that matches and even outperforms the competition's 1/2” chips. They've fixed the flaws on an otherwise brilliant camera, and they've added the most-requested news-oriented features. The HPX370 is a solid performer that matches its bigger-chipped competition in imaging, and easily outstrips it in performance in most other categories.

Philip Bloom does a video review of the AG-HPX371 (the international version of the 370 which shoots all the different frame rates you could need.). He got to play with it in California and was impressed with the improvement in video noise over the previous model as well as the general usability:
It's probably one of the most ergonomically pleasant cameras I've ever used. It's the right weight, the buttons are in the right place, it's got a very nice viewfinder, the LCD screen's good. So far, [it's] all really positive. Even the stock lens I've got here is actually quite nice.

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