Friday, April 09, 2010

Adobe Premiere CS5 and Mercury Playback Engine

Apple may be raining all over Adobe's parade right now, but things aren't going to remains all Apple's way, and the arrival of Premiere CS5 might give Apple's Final Cut real heart burn.

When I first saw the Mercury Playback demo (which uses a computers GPU to accelerate various processes) I was intrigued, and it seems others are as well. Philip Johnston writes about his own feelings about the upcoming release:
Apple are a long way off bringing FCP anywhere near 64bit and as it stands Compressor and DVD Studio Pro are a joke. The one sole program that saves FCPs butt is Motion. Motion is streets ahead of After Effects and far easier to use but for this one program I for one would kiss good-by to FCP and who knows if the £3K became accessible that jump may be sooner than later.
And this Monday we get to find out more when Adobe officially rolls out CS5.

I know I will have to spend some time with Premiere to see if I want to switch; or just use it for some tasks. And cost is a serious factor me. But I can't wait until they role it out, and I hope there's a 30-day trial version available!!

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