Friday, March 12, 2010

The bad side of the T2i

Alister Chapman at has written up a post about his experience with the Canon T2i. Alister is a serious video shooter (he's comparing it to a Sony EX1) and he's not too happy about the quality of the video.
...frankly after playing with the Canon over the weekend I have to say I’m disappointed. Yes you can achieve shallow depth of field very easily and you do get a filmic look to the pictures, but look at the footage on a big monitor and it just looks soft.
He blames aliasing issues. Interestingly, he hasn't yet noticed the problems with rolling shutter (maybe that will be a post for next week.)

I'm not really surprised by this reaction. It's not like this is a new issue; people were complaining about it with the Canon 5D. And it hasn't gone away with the 7D (if anything, many people think the Canon 7D image is slightly worse than the 5D's.)

The HD DSLRs aren't perfect, and have many limitations. Depending what you want to do, they have a lot to recommend them, but you should be aware of their limitations.

Of course, is it fair to compare the $799 T2i to a $6,300 video camera? That's another question... Canon T2i, first impressions, initial tests (frame grabs and video supplied).

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