Thursday, March 11, 2010

3D has arrived!

Best Buy told me so. I iust got an email from them with the message:
Beginning March 21, experience Panasonic 3D TV exclusively at Magnolia® Home Theater inside select Best Buy® stores.
Be one of the first to discover the dazzling resolution of the new Panasonic full HD 3D TV with a 1080p picture that can bring theater-quality 3D into your home.

Only problem is; when you click through to the site and try and find out which "select" stores, it says over 900 Best Buy stores will have a Samsung full HD 3D experience and over 250 stores will have a Panasonic full HD 3D experience for you to demo.

And then it adds the following warning:
Before heading in, you'll probably want to call your local Best Buy store(s) to make sure they are offering a 3D experience.
Oh really? Calling Best Buy to find out what they are going to have?

The times I've called trying to get information about what they might or might not have in stock haven't been very informative. In my experience, even asking staff in the store doesn't produce very good answers about what might be coming. Unless the item is on the shelf, the staff seem to have absolutely no idea about what might be coming.

Meanwhile, though this was reported a couple of weeks ago, MacWorld has a bit more on Sony's rumblings about producing a 3D consumer camera. This report adds video as a possability;
The 3D camera under development would fill a missing piece in the content chain by allowing consumers to make their own 3D images and movies.
Whether that's a still camera that can shoot video, a video that can shoot stills, or both, who knows?

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