Sunday, October 11, 2009

Coraline DVD

I didn't see Coraline the movie in the theaters, but I just watched the DVD last night, and found it very enjoyable. You can watch it in 3D too using the red/green glasses that are included. It takes a little getting used to; but after a minute or two it was working okay for me; but didn't work for my movie companion. We ended up switching back to the "regular" movie. Either way you watch it, it's a good story that is very well animated. If you're interested in stop-motion, then definitely get this movie.

And after you watch it the first time, watch it again with the director's commentary on. It's a great insight into how they went about translating the book to the screen, and the joys - and trials - of making a stop motion movie. Some of the discussion about voices and casting I found particularly interesting.

You can also find a slideshow on the making of the movie at the LA Times.

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