Friday, October 16, 2009

Apple Bluray Rumors

Is it just a year ago that I was madly speculating whether Apple would release Bluray hardware/software support? Why yes, it is! I even went so far as to say:
If they don’t announce something October 14th I’m going to have to write Steve Jobs a carefully worded letter!

And since then? Zzzzzzzzzzz.

A few months ago, the rumors started up again, suggesting Apple might put something into upcoming iMac updates, but now those rumors have been crushed.

Oh well :(

In the mean time, a couple of interesting Apple patents: Appleinsider reports: "Apple has investigated a method to make imperfections in compressed video files less visible to the human eye, a new patent application revealed this week shows."

And MacWorld says: "Apple filed a patent application entitled Synchronization of Media State Across Multiple Devices, which appears to combine local iPod and iPhone synchronization with MobileMe and cloud-computing services."

All good stuff, but it doesn't quite match shipping a product. Come on Apple, give us something interesting before Christmas!

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