Friday, November 15, 2013

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4K Cameras: What’s the State of the Art in 2013? | StudioDaily
But 4K's early adopters remained on the cutting edge all year, without many new camera products to challenge them. At NAB, Blackmagic announced a 4K camera for June delivery but has struggled to get it out the door in 2013. JVC devised a more expensive alternative to its inexpensive GY-HMQ10 camera, but only put it on the market in Japan.

Freelance. To Incorporate Or Not | WideOpenCamera
I used My Corporation to set everything up. They are fairly inexpensive and will do everything for you. There are a few ways to save a few pennies by sending in some of the forms yourself but the entire process only cost me around five hundred smackers.

Canon Cinema EOS global product manager Yoshinari Onda came onto our live show from the show floor. Mr Onda has been in charge of the cinema EOS line since its launch. He gives us some unique insights into what goes on at the company and how they are developing the C100,C300, C500 and 1D C cameras.

i'd draw the line at 32,000, and that's only if you are truly desperate for light, which should be a rare situation seeing as 12,800 and a fast lens can expose even a dark bar just fine. I'm sure some will find use with 80,000... certainly better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Scott Simmons on Crossing the 180 | Dare Dreamer
Can you imagine the ability to edit in just about every NLE known to man? Do you think you could jump back and forth from Premiere to Final Cut Pro X to Avid as easily as you change channels? Well this week on the show we have veteran editor and Video Coalition contributor Scott Simmons to talk about how he does that, and so much more.

I’ve Never Watched a Video That Couldn’t Benefit From Being Shorter | PhotoFocus
Can the video be split? If a topic runs too long, look to see if you can create shorter segments that stand alone.  This way the viewer can download Part 1 and start watching it while they’re waiting for the rest to download or be released. There’s nothing wrong with multiple parts.

Vincent Laforet Discusses Independent Film Future | Producers Pal
This week on the podcast, Vincent Laforet joins us to discuss his storied career a bit and ponder the direction and challenges ahead for all of us as independent filmmakers.

After Effects: Experiment Assignment 11 | MotionEffects
Watercolour on paper is a popular motion graphics style and I’ve turned to stock footage on more than one occasion for that look. It is possible though to create this look in After Effects, and for my latest experiment while playing with the Foam and Turbulent Displace effects I started zeroing in on a watercolour look, that while still rough is pretty convincing.

Light Iron takes you step by step through the progressive data management and color pipeline of Ender’s Game.

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