Tuesday, July 09, 2013

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You know, it’s so easy to just get nothing done, but you’ve got to rock a little David Allen out to be able to get things done and break your list down into next actions. And this is true of producing and directing but even of writing. It’s like, Okay, today I am going to figure out this action sequence. 

Crowdfunding: Terms You Need to Know to Successfully Fund Your Film | RainDance
Ad Swap – This is when projects promote each other in a basic synergy type deal by exchanging ad space– this is useful as it is free advertising in exchange for you placing some poster or banner up and helping out a fellow Crowdfunder.

Should Crowdfunding Sites Ban Overfunding? | Filmmaker Magazine
I would suggest that one of the key factors in backer dissatisfaction is project over-funding. Many see this as a blessing — extra cash is always good, right? Wrong! Along with extra cash comes more rewards to fulfill, increased overheads and greater expectations from the crowd

Digital Bolex Sample Raw Frames | Prolost
Here are the three sample DNG frames at both the Lightroom 5 default settings (remember, there’s no such thing as “straight out of the camera” with raw) and color graded by me using Lightroom 5. 

5 Documentary Tips from a Director | Ty Sanga | Zacuto
1. Trust your technical instincts.
You have to let go of the security of planned production and trust your technical instincts to capture the moment. When you’re filming in a foreign country, visiting people you’ve never met and shooting locations you’ve never seen before, anything can happen. 

Post Heading Back to the Big Iron Model? | Mynah Media
However the general computer user’s needs have changed. And now they’re diverging from what post-professionals need. The general user no longer needs power and speed. They need portability, efficiency, and style. There’s more than enough computing power available for anyone’s general needs. 

Using a Little Blackmagic to Revisit a Documentary | Creative COW
Operation is simple. Connect your source to the input side using either composite or component analog (SD or HD) or via SDI (again SD or HD). You can connect a DB25 audio breakout cable for XLR analog or AES/EBU audio ins and out or use line level RCA jacks. 

Canon EOS T5i (700D) – Video Review | Cinema 5D
And the T5i/700D? Well … it gives us a 360 degree adjustment wheel. Or something. There is absolutely nothing that justifies this camera over the T3i/650D for filmmakers.

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