Thursday, July 11, 2013


Premiere Pro CC July 2013 Update | Adobe
One of the best things about Creative Cloud is that we’re able to develop and release features in cadence with the demands of this rapidly growing and evolving industry. The Premiere Pro CC July 2013 update, available now, is the first example of that, and we’re thrilled to be able to give you multiple new editing features so soon after the first CC release – less than a month after we shipped CC.

The Blackmagic Cinema Camera in a News Environment | Pro Video Coalition
I am the Creative Services Sr. Writer/Producer for the NBC affiliate in Nashville, Tennessee.  Every spot we produced for over a year was shot on my personal Canon 60D.  Now, the poor camera looks like it’s been to combat and in dire need of a rebuild.  Needless to say, when the BMCC arrived the week after I returned from NAB 2013 I was glad to see it.

Eurovision working on 4K Ultra HD product badge scheme | Recombu
Televisions built to receive 4K Ultra HD broadcast could get a badge to help consumers identify them better. The badge scheme was decided on following a meeting of broadcasters and TV manaufacturers. The European Broadcasting Union said a key decision to cooperate on plotting a course for 4K (aka Ultra HD) rollout in Europe was agreed this week.

The New Digital Cinema Race | Wide Open Camera
It seems like the 4K acquisition leap is inevitable, Blackmagic will have a $4,000 4K camera later this month if all goes well, Sony and Canon both have multiple 4K options at different price points. JVC even decided to embarrass themselves with a poke at 4K. Phantom has 4K at 1000fps! RED is pushing out it’s 6K upgrade in September, and Arri has grumpily stepped up to the 4K plate.

Script Angel: Creativity Is Key | Script Mag
One of the reasons I like the idea of getting into an open mode is that it gives you maximum thinking time. When we’re rushing we often go with the first solution or idea in order to move on. Sometimes we need to play with something for longer until a more original solution arises. We need to give ourselves maximum pondering time and live with the discomfort. True play is experiment; an openness to anything happening.

Director Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s F65 shoot | Sony
For “Winter Sleep”, Ceylan opted to shoot on an F65, having first tested an assortment of 4K and 2K cameras. “We made a comparison test before we started, and as soon as I saw the results I decided on the F65 as there was a huge difference with this camera,” he says.

Ryan E. Walters Part 1 – Lighting An Exterior Night Scene (Short Film Breakdown) | Big League Film School
This interview is so informative on how you can pull a lot off with little resources (including time!). Ryan takes us through just two of the scenes and how he executed the lighting and composition and why. Below the interview videos are stills that we discuss from his short film. You will learn what lights he used (and why!), how they were placed, the logic in the composition and how he quickly maneuvered from one shot to the next in a mad time crunch.

Cine Gear 2013 - The Sony FS700 in the RAW from Sony Professional USA on Vimeo.
Art Adams and Adam Wilt present the Sony FS700 in the RAW, featuring the new 2K RAW High Frame Rate, and 4K RAW recording solutions. The seminar includes footage screening.

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