Wednesday, July 10, 2013


ARRI Alexa suffers 26 foot fall, survives | Facebook
ARRI posted the following on their Facebook page:
This ALEXA took a 26 ft. fall onto concrete and survived! They charged the camera up and were shocked to find it was still working as well as recording. Just to be safe, ARRI China’s service department performed an impact assessment and found no serious damage to the camera; so they sent ALEXA back to set to keep working. Thankfully no one was injured all were just left pleasantly surprised at how reliable ALEXA is.

It’s official: Arri are developing a 4K Alexa! | Redshark News
Franz Kraus, managing director of Arri, has announced that Arri are working on a new 4K camera. It will feature at least 4K resolution, at least 14-stops of dynamic range and high frame rate capability.  The idea being to create a new camera with greater spatial resolution without losing the visual qualities that have made the existing Alexa so popular.

A Field In England multiplatform release: the results | Film4
Available to stream or download on Film4oD, Virgin and iTunes, to watch where you want, when you want, A Field In England was the most popular film purchased in its first 3 days on Film4oD, and was the week’s bestselling title on Film4oD despite having just opened on the Friday. Impressively, as a percentage of weekend buys, A Field In England represented 30% of Film4oD’s entire weekend sales.

Dragon Sensor Update | Red User
Dragon ( the sensor ) was actually done before NAB... when you all saw cameras being put together. Sorting out the existing camera infrastructure so the sensor and the ASIC could be an upgrade has been the consuming part. But we are there. Final parts are now being sent off to manufacturing and customer upgrades will begin the first week of September.

Letters from Blocked Filmmakers: David Rosfeld | Filmmaker Magazine
That outside feeling I was so familiar with began turning very negative. Now I wanted to get in, wanted to share my work, but being on the outside seemed to prevent that. I had hoped a good short and doing the festival rounds would help raise my ability to attract a little interest; maybe bring me out of my shell. But even more discouraging, I felt blocked from finding an audience.

Screenwriting Tip #69: The Clueless Villain | Xander Bennett | Mastering Film
Let’s make a distinction here between “villain” and “antagonist”: antagonists are active forces who directly oppose the protagonist. They could be anything from romantic rivals to callous bosses to forces of nature. They may not even be acting deliberately against the protagonist – they just somehow happen to make her life harder. Villains, on the other hand, are almost always people.

Understanding 3D Objects in Cinema 4D: Fundamentals | CG Motion Box
When you are first getting started with Cinema 4D, figuring out the program’s basic tools and interface is everything. Cinema 4D does have some similarities with other 3D packages, but it also has its own quirks, and then again maybe you haven’t used anything else. While there’s always the option of poking around and figuring things out on your own (the hard way), it’s also nice to have a guide.

Randall Einhorn: A Hot Filmmaker Goes Digital | Zacuto
A. The camera focuses only on Ryan and Wilfred. I wanted to tell what Ryan was doing and thinking and unsettle the viewer with stylized imagery. In order to do this, I used Nikon D800 digital equipment. The camera was outfitted with an old Nikkor 50mm T1.2 still lens. These cameras allowed me to create the shallow depth of field I needed and give the film a surreal, unsettled look.

Composition Techniques for Widescreen Aspect Ratios from on Vimeo.

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