Friday, July 12, 2013


20 Tips by Roger Deakins | Burak Oguz Saguner
1. Don’t Get Distracted with Technique“Operating the wheels needs to become second nature as it can be a disaster if the technique of operating distracts from the relationship that an operator has with the subject.

Pawel Edelman – Cinematographer | Filmuforia
it’s interesting to be involved as early as possible, to know the main subject and the themes to be a part of the whole machinery of the movie-making process, which makes you (as a DoP) more involved and in the  centre of the process.

New Features in Premiere Pro CC 7.0.1 Update! | retooled
Well, it seems Adobe has kept their promise to use the new Creative Cloud platform to deliver a whole slew of new features. Now I don’t just mean bug updates as we had seen in the past with the Creative Suite, I mean upwards of 25 new features. In this video we go through the biggest changes to Premiere Pro CC and what you should know and expect from these new features.

What’s new in Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Media Encoder (v7.01) July 2013 | DAV's TechTable
Here’s a run down of the new July 2013 updates for Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Media Encoder (AME) . This updates their versions to 7.01. As you’ll see , our engineering has been very busy taking  feedback from our field teams and more importantly direct customer feedback.

8 Mistakes Filmmakers Make That Kill Their Careers | Raindance
1. Doing Too Much YourselfBusiness owners as well as filmmakers fall into this trap as they attempt to minimise costs. It can mean that you will get bogged down in the day-to-day nitty gritty, keeping you from stepping back and taking a good hard look at the future.

INTERVIEW: Stuart Ashton talking about DaVinci Resolve 10 | Final Cut
Our intent for Resolve since we first acquired DaVinci was to create a more open postproduction workflow for creative professionals. We know through our experiences that the whole process is about having flexibility and speed in each of the areas that you want to work in. The ability to move between systems effortlessly is essential.

He’s the first to admit that DSLRs aren’t designed to be run-and-gun cameras but has overcome many of issues with a fairly simple setup. He’s put together the excellent video below detailing his documentary setup with the 5D mkIII.

Game of Thrones bloodbath explained Cinematographer reveals how scenes filmed |
“I wanted then to move into unusually bright light, by Game of Thrones’ standards, for the feast,” McLachlan continued. “I had the art department add a great deal more candlesticks and torches than they wanted and then, thanks to the new Arri Alexa camera, was able to tip my hat to Stanley Kubrick (in Barry Lyndon) and use only candlelight for the scene, which made it very pretty.”

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