Friday, July 26, 2013

Another copyright takedown, delivery dates and more

How often do companies try to suppress information using copyright takedown claims?
That's what I was wondering yesterday. Here's another example reported by Ars Technica; KTVU, who had that unfortunate incident with the pilot names on the Asiana Airlines crash attempted to suppress the video by posting take down claims on YouTube. It seems they gave up after a day or so...(you can't suppress the really big stuff.)

Kickstarter Project Canceled After Dude Spends All the Money | Gawker
This is interesting; guy makes $120,000 and blows it all on...well we're not too sure exactly on what, but he's given up on the project.

I thought this response way interesting. I wonder what the results are for Kickstarter projects:
Michael Scott ‏@DorkmanScott
I've backed 23, 22 of which succeeded; to date received rewards from 2. RT @E_MARSTON of the 4 i've donated to i've gotten one postcard.
Meanwhile, Backstreet Boy Nick Carter is raising money on IndieGoGo to make a horror movie.

Delivery Dates

Canon Announces New 70D Delivery Date | HDSLR Shooter
9/23/2013 (estimated)

Is Blackmagic going to ship their new cameras on time?
Andrew at EOSHD is reporting that the 4K camera won't trickle out until September, while the Pocket Camera will trickle out in the next 3-4 days, and ramp up in 2- 3 weeks. Maybe.

Andrew also thinks that "Blackmagic’s reputation cannot afford another BMCC 2012 situation." I'm not entirely sure that's true; as long as they do eventually ship the camera, and they continue to be well ahead of the competition, I suspect they'll still do okay.

Blackmagic updateOfficial statement from Blackmagic on new camera shipping | EOSHD

Other Stuff

Interested in the Sony FS700 and 4K recording?
Check these posts on shooting Raw, S-Log vs. CINE4 and firmware 3.0 at Too Much Information.

Woody Allen's Editor of 15 Years Alisa Lepselter Discusses Their Process and Their Latest Effort, 'Blue Jasmine' | Indiewire
He comes in and we review all the material, and start cutting from the beginning, from scene one, sequentially, which is also very helpful, because you understand what the tone is as you’re going along.

iPad Filmmaking On A Budget | Filmmaking Stuff
Filmmakers who have to have the latest stuff do this all the time. They are also the people who never get anything done, because they are always waiting for the next best thing. And the next best thing is SOOOOO much better than what they have. 

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Matt said...

For those of us from the post world, we're used to overly optimistic (to be charitable) shipping dates from BlackMagic. Whatever they say at NAB is usually at least a quarter before it shows up at B&H. That's how they roll.