Wednesday, July 24, 2013

News - The After Effects Edition

VFX Color Grading in After Effects - a quick tutorial for After Effects users showing how to create more dynamic images by adjusting multiple copies of the same video. You can do similar things in grading programs like Resolve, but if you have After Effects and just started playing with it, this could be a useful tutorial.

Animated Font - Franchise
This is sort of cool; an animated font. The Type Face was designed by one person, then animated by 110 animators in After Effects.

"The file contains all the keyframes, expressions and artwork from the artists. This makes it a great learning source for motion students and professionals."

Works for After Effects CS5 and up.
It's listed as "Free" but you must "pay" with a Tweet or a Post (to Facebook.)

Prolost Burns Preset for Adobe After Effects CS6
Stu Maschwitz has posted an After Effects preset that creates zooming/dissolving photo montages. It's $2.99. Or if you have a Mac, use the Ken Burns effect in iMovie ...

What Logic Pro X tells us about the future of Final Cut Pro X | Alex 4D
Alex Gollner thinks that Logic Pro X is an encouraging sign for Final Cut Pro X, and explains why:
This clue tells us that as well as supporting prosumers, the ‘Pro X’ apps are designed to be easier to use by post professionals who don’t spend all their time editing video (Final Cut) or making music (Logic). Perhaps Apple doesn’t believe in making apps hard to use so that only established pros in a discipline will want to use them.

Cleaning Your Lens | Vimeo
Jared Abrams at Wide Open Camera shows you how to clean your lens; with Dust-Off, Kimwipes and Pancro lens cleaning fluid...

Michael Cioni – Metadata owns future for digital filmmakers
| Producer's Pal Podcast
In this podcast Michael Cioni of Light Iron explains why metadata is the future.

Cameraman Jerry Ricciotti and DP Jake Burghart travel the globe to film some of the biggest conflicts, most hostile environments and most hair-raising scenes for the HBO series Vice. I spoke to them about Vice’s style, shooting in extreme conditions and the team’s camera of choice, the Canon C300.

Panasonic G6 Review – the GH2 Redux | EOSHD
The G6 achieves a certain yin-and-yang. With the GH3 now occupying a higher position in the line, the G6 has moved up to occupy the position once taken by our much loved GH2. It shares the same sensor which of course was always pretty special for video, yet adds a lot of significant new features like 1080/60p, a faster processor, high resolution LCD and something the GH3 doesn’t even have – focus peaking.

Finally, Alister Chapman talks about the Sony F5 & F55 at Cine Gear 2013 | Vimeo
Note: For me, this video kept stopping, turning completely green and making popping noises. Jupm around, and it would come back...very annoying...

Cine Gear 2013 - F5 & F55 With Alister Chapman from Sony Professional USA on Vimeo.

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