Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Musical Edition

Completely un-video related, I just ordered a Yamaha StagePas 400i. [We're getting the band back together-Ed] I was looking for something simple and light weight for vocals and guitar amplification. I nearly went with a mixer and powered speakers. Getting a dedicated mixer might have been the better choice if we had larger - or any - aspirations, but simplicity and lightness seemed the way to go.

The 400i is a new model; the previous models (the 300) were considered good for what they were, but the effects were criticized a lot. Yamaha re-engineered the effects in the 400i, so I'm hopeful they are useable. You don't get a lot of choice in effects, but again, we're looking for simplicity.

Back to the video stuff

Canon has a 50mm f/1.8 IS coming?
CanonRumors reports that maybe Canon has a 50mm f/1.8 IS coming. Canon currently has three 50mm lenses; the $125 f/1.8 II, the $399 f/1.4, and the $1,439 f/1.2L monster. CanonRumors wonder if it will replace the f/1.4.
Which raises the question; what is IS worth? If you're using the lens on a tripod, not much, but if you have it on a rig, then IS might be worth more than that extra stop or two.

CTRL+Console |
Another iPad controller, this time for Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. The free controller works with QuickTime Player, then with in-app purchase you can get a basic controller for each app for $4.99, while the "full" editing interface is $29.99 (per app.)
Yeah, I'm not convinced I want to use my iPad as an interface either...

More on GenusTech's $99 GoPro Cage | News Shooter
Clinton Ham takes a quick look at the cage at the SMPTE show in Sydney. Still listed as "coming soon."

The latest NeedCreative Podcast features legendary author and now documentarian Christina Crawford.

Looking for free training in Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro X and Avid Media Composer & Symphony? Look no further than Rampant Design.

Read Scopes in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 | YouTube
If you're just getting into color correction, this tutorial might be worth taking a look.

The best 5 DSLRS for Video....according to Noam Kroll.

Need to make a Digital Cinema Package (DCP)? We should all be so lucky. Danny Lacey explains how he did it himself.

VideoMaker takes a look at RØDE's IXY Stereo Microphone and Smartlav for the iPhone.
VideoMaker takes a quick look at these two iPhone accessories and offers a few observations and notes, though I don't really get a good sense of what these devices are good for, and whether they are really worth the money.
If you have either of these, I'd be interested to know what you think of them.

Beer Labels in Motion: Gif animations of different beer labels. I probably shouldn't enjoy these as much as I do...

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