Sunday, September 02, 2012

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Interview: Keanu Reeves on “the end of film” | Andrew O'Hehir |
Keanu talks about his career, love of movies, and the documentary about the transition from film to digital: answer your question — I mean, it’s not as groundbreaking as when film went from silents to talkies. Let’s say that. Or from black-and-white to color. This doesn’t have that feeling of sea change to it. But there are many implications that come out of it. Especially in the early days, there was the question of the quality of the product you’re looking at, the quality of the image.

Registration isn't live (yet) but it should be open shortly...
Tuesday, September 25th BOSCPUG Meet: Boston Premiere of Blackmagic Cinema Camera featuring Rob Bessette & Marco Solorio - ALSO! Stay Tuned for News on our FULL DAY DaVinci Resolve 9 & Blackmagic Cinema Camera Workshops BOSCPUG will hold in NOVEMBER

Grant Petty - The Blackmagic Cinema Camera (P2) | Rick Young | Vimeo
Grant Petty, CEO Blackmagic Design, talks in-depth about the Blackmagic Cinema camera. The thoughts behind building a camera from scratch; what distinguishes this camera from others on the market,the power offered by raw recording with a wide dynamic range and how this integrates with DaVinci Resolve.
Part 2 of 3..

Keeping Avid Relevant | Michael Grotticelli | Broadcast Engineering
And interview with Avid CEO Gary Greenfield:
“[The consumer products division] had developed some great, fun products, but it was a distraction and not really in Avid’s DNA to be playing in that space,” he said. “Our biggest strength is in our professional products. With the simplification of our company organization, we’re now well positioned today for new growth.”

Very unexciting technical camera test - Sony FS100 native AVCHD vs Blackmagic Hyperdeck Shuttle Uncompressed | TobyLoc | Vimeo
A comparison of the Sony NEX-FS100 and recording to AVCHD, or to the Blackmagic Hyperdeck external recorder; is there really any difference in image quality?:
My conclusions: The internal AVCHD is very good on the FS100, I've heard this before and it seems accurate. I'd say there isn't much of a difference between it and uncompressed in reasonably exposed footage, there is a difference but slight. But when you're using flat profiles, higher ISOs and you're lifting the footage you will find an external recorder will really help from ISO 3200 and up if you're looking for maximum quality.

RAW Formats, Shooting, Workflow & Post with Geoff Boyle – New York | AbelCine
A two day, weekend workshop Sept 8-9 in New York on working with RAW formats. It's $600 (save $75 if you order today.) Ahh, if I only had $600 lying around...
AbelCine has partnered with Geoff Boyle to present, RAW Formats, Shooting, Workflow and Post. From acquisition to on-set media management to post processes, this two-day workshop is for anyone interested in RAW workflow. We will cover all RAW camera systems on the market today, including but not limited to, Arri ALEXA, Sony F65, RED, and the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Post systems include SpeedGrade, Resolve, RedCineX and more.

Why Adobe Premiere Does Not Edit CinemaDNG Files Natively | Cinescopophilia
A look at Premiere workflow issues with the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera:
If you really require your newly bought CinemaDNG capable camera to work in Premiere Pro then send Adobe a brief note letting them know just that. The more people that write to Adobe asking for CinemaDNG to work in Premiere Pro natively the quicker it might just happen.

SpeedGrade CS6 (6.0.3) Update | Adobe
The latest update to SpeedGrade includes HiDPI Support for Mac computers with Retina Display as well as several fixes:
Fixed: Layer renaming issue, after renaming layer application jumps back to Timeline Panel
Fixed: Distortion issues with AIF files from Audition at less than 32bit
Fixed: Zoom to fit values did not always update correctly
Fixed: Mask applied incorrectly in some instances
and more...

Final Draft Writer vs. the Innovation of Less | Stu Maschwitz | Prolost
Stu takes a quick look at the new Final Draft iPad app, and offers some cheaper alternatives:
On the negative side, the app’s performance is not so great. Writer promises a perfect match to Final Draft’s industry-standard pagination, revisions management, and scene numbering, as well as some nifty bells and whistles, such as character highlighting and colored rendering of colored pages.
Note: You can get Final Draft Writer for $20 off until 9/30:

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