Monday, August 27, 2012

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First Hands on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera – Test Diary | Frank Glencairn | Blog
Frank is doing a daily blog of his experiences with the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera. First the unboxing, and now a low-light test:
DAY 2 – Breaking out the big gunsAs you might know, I have a nice set of vintage (late 1960s) Zeiss primes.I think they complement the BMCC very well, if you are out for a organic look. Here is a quick and dirty lowlight test between two thunderstorms.800 ISO on a Tokina 12-24 f4 at 12mm (hence the muddy edges).

5D Mark III or Blackmagic Cinema Camera? | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
Andrew Reid explains why the BDCC is a better choice than the Canon 5D; though I think it's still a little too soon to make a real pick:
Canon had a good run with the 5D Mark III but now what they need is a C100 for around $4000. Though I have never felt at a disadvantage with the 1.86x crop sensor on a GH2 over the FS100′s 1.5x, I am sure a Super 35mm C100 will look better to many people on paper than a 2.3x crop Blackmagic if the image quality and price is pretty equal.

More professional Panasonic GH3 with 80Mbit codec and preview of coming attractions | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
Andrew also looks at rumors of the Panasonic GH3:
The GH3 is going to be more professional this time around according to my source in Asia. It is moving up the line and will be more expensive as a result.The camera has a high bitrate mode of around 70-80Mbit. Panasonic have decided to put the features we need in the box rather than risk unreliability with a third party hack. This is a very good move.

Storytelling through Composition | Shane Hurlbut | Hurlblog
Many of you have expressed an interest in composition: what makes a good frame or a bad one. There are a few classic frames that I customize to give them flare. I think this will help all of you find your compositional voice. Remember that the best creative inspiration can come from not always following the rules.

In praise of bokeh: the dilemmas of TV filming | Paul Mason | BBC
A report on shooting a documentary with the Sony NEX-FS100:
Second - and this may be purely psychological, and may not last - we were able to run interview clips for longer because the picture, and the face, is more interesting. A head shot in an interview no longer felt like a dead shot.

Lyric-Lapse Music Video That Required 6 Hours of Work for Every 3 Seconds | Michael Zhang  | Peta Pixel
Interesting visual effect, though it gets a little bit exhausting after a while...
The magnitude of the effort is what’s truly impressive. The creators spent six months shooting the photos across two states. Every 3-4 seconds seen in the video required about 6-8 hours of work to create.

High Frame Rate Video Playback | Red
RED explains why you want to shoot and playback at high frame rates:
HFR can also make the viewing experience more enjoyable by reducing eye-strain and fatigue. Since our visual system is designed to process continuous imagery, discrete footage can sometimes be tiring during extended viewing — just as with flickering from CRT monitors or fluorescent lights. With 3D in particular, viewing fatigue is often cited as one of the biggest impediments to more widespread adoption.

Jag35 Version 2 Products | Jag35
Jag 35 says they have upgraded all their products and are having a sale (no affiliation):
Jag35 has upgraded all of our products, and we are giving users a chance to get their hands on these new products at the price of the current Version 1 products, before they go up to retail price on Sept 15. Build up your very own camera setup with the Jag35 Baseplate, the perfect starting point for building a rig to fit your needs, or get your hands on the new sturdier Full Shoulder Rig, for a discounted introductory price. Don’t let this opportunity pass you buy, get your hands on the gear that will let you shoot the best cinematic images and make the best movies. But hurry, because by Sept 15, these products will go up to their permanent retail price.

First the Camera, Then Lights, Action | Marshall Heyman | Wall Street Journal
Articles about Canon's latest film making venture. I'm not sure I really get the 'hook' of this project; do I really care if person A took a picture and then person B made a movie about it?
This year, Canon is expanding the program, now called "Project Imaginat10n." Ten films will be produced via a similar process. Five of them will be directed by already selected notables: actress Eva Longoria, actor Jamie Foxx, fashion designer Georgina Chapman, musician James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem and Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter.

Mystery of Neil Armstrong's missing 'a' | New Zealand Herald
Peter Shann Ford, an Australian computer programmer, ran a software analysis looking at sound waves and found a wave that would have been the missing "a." It lasted 35 milliseconds, much too quick to be heard. The Smithsonian's space curator, Roger Launius, looked at the evidence and found it convincing.

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