Saturday, September 01, 2012

Camera Quick Links

BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera

Black Magic Cinema Camera (BMCC) Beautiful & Befuddling | Vinvent Laforet | Blog
Vincent writes at length about the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera, praising the image; "I think that this camera produces one of the most beautiful images in the cinema/video market," but his biggest concern is the image sensor size, and the fact that it has an EF mount, making it difficult to find good, wide lenses to use with the camera:
The single most “befuddling” decision with this camera is the choice of such a small sensor size.   My guess is that it was one based on economics and how a larger sensor would not only be more expensive to produce, but also the fact that having to process RAW images from a larger sensor at 30fps would also lead to much more expensive internal hardware within the camera.  

Andrew Reid | Twitter
Awesome news from @brawlster the Blackmagic Cinema Camera is now shipping. Reckon I will get mine on the 7th-10th all being well!

Shooting with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera | Rick Young | Vimeo
Rick works through all the details of the camera, including menus and functions. He describes the camera as not being that difficult to use "I didn't look at the manual":
Filmed on location in Perth Australia, this is a real-world report to see just what this camera is capable of. Blackmagic Design have described this as a “cinema camera” - check out the images to see how the camera shapes up in terms of image quality, depth of field, colour rendition and the overall “cinematic” look.

Shooting with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera from Rick Young on Vimeo.

Is raw on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera worth it? Dispelling the myths
| Andrew Reid | EOSHD
Andrew explains why you shouldn't fear RAW:
What I don’t understand is why people want to enable ProRes on the camera when they can have ProRes later and delete the raw masters, or even 80Mbit H.264 at 2.5K resolution after just a few hours of transcoding.

First Hands on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera – Test Diary | Frank Glencairn | Blog
Frank continues his diary of experiences with the Blackmagic camera. Note that on Day 4 he shot some stuff with the BDCC and the Sony NEX-FS100:
Of course I could have gone way higher with the ISO on the FS100, but why compare ISO 16000 to ISO 800?Regarding the speed of the camera, the FS100 wins hands down because of way higher usable ISO. It’s the queen of the night, period.But the BMC gets a way nicer image out of 800 ISO, than the FS100.

Canon C100

Dan Carr | Twitter
Confirmed to me directly by Canon, the Hdmi output on the C100 IS 8-bit 4:2:2 uncompressed. There have been some confusions our there.

Canon Expands Cinema EOS Lineup With New C100 | Dan Carr
| Pro Video Coalition
Dan offers his thoughts on the C100...interesting that he likes the new placement of the LCD:
From an ergonomic standpoint Canon have kept things fairly similar to their other cameras and maintained things like the built in ND filters and removable side handle.  My biggest complaint about the C300’s physical design was the inclusion of the LCD screen as part of the removable top handle and this problem has been remedied by moving the screen to the back of the camera instead.

Canon C300

Philip Bloom | Twitter
Just hear from source that hardest HD channel in the world to please, SKY HD have approved the c300 for full acquisition if “DP is good!”

Canon Cinema C300 Night Shoot Collaboration | Rick Macomber
| Macomber Productions
Rick blogs about the latest short film he shot with the Canon C300, something that he describes as "an exercise in storytelling by night light":
I’m a big advocate of the monopod vs handheld unless there’s constant moving around and bending down. I like the look of a monopod because you can get a slow fluid movement while stationary, but at the same time it takes that shake out of the shot. And I was able to pull off my favorite trick: collapsing the monopod leg and using it as a counterbalance which can add somewhat of a glidecam feel to a shot. Of course this will only work with light cameras like the C300 or DSLRs.


What new camera should I buy? | Matt Allard | DSLR News Shooter
The camera to buy is the one you like using, the one you’re comfortable with and the one that is in your budget. Go with what YOU want to buy and not what someone else thinks you should get. Don’t listen to all the bloggers and guys on Twitter trying to tell you what’s right. Make your own educated decision.

Sony Action Cam | Jeremy Stamas | Camcorderinfo
A look at the features, but not really a hands-on review of Sony's new Action Cam:
In the end, nitpicking about the price isn’t important. The Action Cam is priced competitively, period. And this puts it in a very good position to challenge the GoPro in the wearable market. Like we said, the Action Cam adds little to this genre that’s new, but that won’t matter unless GoPro or Contour or some other company has a truly revolutionary product in the works.

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