Friday, August 31, 2012

Random Thoughts

I'm dropping my daughter off at College today. Why am I paying for someone else to take a bunch of classes I'd like to take?

Twice I've watched webinars on Adobe Speedgrade, and I still don't have a clue how to do the basics in the program. That either says something about webinars, or about Speedgrade. Or maybe my attention span.

The more intrigued I become by the Canon C100, the more I wonder; didn't you say you couldn't afford the Sony NEX-FS700?

It's two days after appealing the take down notice I got from YouTube, and I haven't heard a peep from them, not even acknowledging the appeal, or explaining what the next step in the process is.

When I went to College it just seemed like another thing I was expected to do, and I didn't really care about any of it. Now it seems like an exciting, interesting place. Of course, now I'd take completely different classes...why did I ever think I should do a Bachelor of Engineering?

Something about the Sony Action Cam is appealing to me; or should I wait for the iPhone 5?

First the Sony NEX-VG50, then the Canon C100, and rumors of at least two more camera announcements by the end of the year? I'm not sure I can handle much more of this.

If you find yourself next to the College President at a cocktail party, it's probably a good idea to have first thought of something intelligent to say. And if you haven't, give him the name of someone else's kid.

I only really realized how cheap USB flash drives have become after seeing them in Target.

Avoid Target during the back-to-school week(s)


FocusPulling (.com) said...

You meant NEX-VG900, right?

Michael Murie said...

I don't really know what the details on that are...