Saturday, August 25, 2012

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Filmmaker will not believe me on this: NEX-VG900 Full Frame E-mount camera for a tiny bit more than 3.000 Euro! | SonyAlphaRumors
Hmmm...if true, wow! Though that equals ~$4,000US, which would place it in the same price as the NEX-EA50... Oh, one more, thing, will the E-mount support a full-frame sensor?
Sony will announce the new NEX-VG900 at around mid September. It is a Full Frame E-mount camcorder (Full Frame in photographic terms!). And it costs just a bit over 3.000 Euro! It records 1080p60 in AVCHD format (24Mbps/s). A FF camcorder for Euro is something almost unbelievable.

Short overview of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera menus | Sebastian Wiegärtner
| Facebook
Short overview of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera menus. Excuse bad audio quality, recorded with my iPhone 4!

Unboxing BMCC | Frank Glencairn | YouTube
FOR THE RECORD:This is my first and last unboxing video ever .... I mean it, really.I did it just because I had a ton of requests bombing my mailbox

The Blackmagic Design Camera experience. Part 1: Unboxing & hopes/ expectations… | Philip Bloom | Blog
Blackmagic sent a camera to his house; unfortunately, he's in another country:
Currently I am in LA having just finished a film shoot. I almost got the camera shipped here but it wouldn’t have made it in time, so I got it sent home as I will be back there in a couple of days. As soon as I get the camera I will start shooting with it. If I can, I will share some files but that won’t be until next weekend at the earliest, as I go to Finland the day after I get back!

Fxphd Fastforward: SpeedGrade CS6 Fundamentals | Adobe
I've got to watch this because I still can't figure out SpeedGrade, and I've sat through two live webinars on the subject!
SpeedGrade CS6 Fundamentals will quickly get you up to speed on how to more effectively use the new grading software from Adobe. Taught by Joost van der Hoeven, this all-new course contains over three and a half hours of training covering the fundamentals you need to know to get most out of this new release. It also contains almost 1GB of source material used in the classes so you can follow along with the instruction.

Canon RAW Support and New Firmware for Gemini 4:4:4 Announced | Juliet Verni | AbelCine
Now they have announced full support for Canon 4K Cinema RAW. With the excitement surrounding the release of the Canon C500, this Canon RAW option is important because it allows users to capture 10-bit Log RAW (.rmf) up to 30fps on a single Gemini, and up to 60fps using two Geminis. The Canon RAW option will be available as a firmware upgrade for $2495 and will coincide with the C500′s release.

Copying your Adobe Media Encoder Presets? | Chris Fenwick | One to One
If you are trying to move your Adobe Media Encoder presets between machines, or you want to share some of your bad ass presets with your parents as an anniversary gift… here is where you find them.

Adobe Premiere Pro: 10 Essential Right-Click Commands | Clay Asbury
| PremiumBeats
1.  Modify>interpret footage Clips shot in slow-motion (lot of DSLR’s now shoot 60fps) need to be adjusted so they play in slow motion, as they play normal speed by default. You can quickly change the frame rate of video clips in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Kodak to sell the film business that made it so famous | Engadget
I've never shot movie film, and haven't shot still film in years, but this is still a  sad day. I'll have to break out one of my Kodak film filter effects in memory...
Kodak is selling off its renowned film arm in order to revive its moribund fortunes. It'll join sales of the company's patent portfolio, online gallery, commercial scanning, photo kiosk and theme park businesses so it can concentrate on a not-yet successful printer enterprise.

Apple awarded $1 billion in Samsung patent case | Variety
A year to the day after Steve Jobs resigned as Apple's CEO, Apple won it's suit against Samsung. I've read various explanations why Apple shouldn't have won, and I agree that the software patent systems seems broken, but if Apple couldn't win a suit against Samsung, then I think no software patents would be defendable (and some may say that would be a good thing)
After a year of scorched-earth litigation, a jury decided Friday that Samsung ripped off the innovative technology used by Apple to create its revolutionary iPhone and iPad.The jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple $1.05 billion. An appeal is expected.

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