Friday, August 24, 2012

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Canon C500 Price finally out... 20 000£ | Jim Martin | DVXUser
I've been told that Canon will have a press release out either at the end of this week or next week regarding delivery and price on the C500, pricing on the smaller cinema zooms shown at NAB....and maybe something else! As soon as its out, we'll have it up on our site.

Rumored high megapixels Canon EOS-3D X and EOS-7D Mark II cameras
| Photo Rumors
Rumors of new cameras from Canon are heating up:
Canon EOS-3D X specifications:
46 MP
3.7 frame per second
Dual DIGIC 5+
ISO: (25) 50-6400 (12800)

| DSLR News Shooter
Dan gets to play with the new Sony at the BIRTV show in Beijing. Dan thinks the image out of the NEX-EA50 is better than the NEX-5N, but Sony isn't yet saying whether the chip is the same. It appears that - at least in some markets - Sony will be selling it with and without the lens:
The camera feels very light in the hand and despite the lack of built in neutral density filter I foresee this being a very popular camera for a certain type of news or event shooter. It removes many of the inconveniences of DSLR shooting at a much lower price than before – adding in XLR audio and removing the need for DSLR style rigs. The shoulder pad is well designed and threaded on the top side when extended – opening up the possibility to add third party accessories or counterweights.

Sony Intros New PX Series Mirroring Memory Sticks | Studio Daily
A little info on the mirroring Memory Stick that Sony just announced. Expected in October:
The mirroring function essentially lets users record to two distinct segments on the card simultaneously, giving the shooter access to the undamaged block if and when errors occur. A built-in Error Correction Code (ECC) catches and corrects errors as they happen and a Data Refresh feature pushes data over to the "safe" zone on the undamaged segment before the error takes down the card with it.

More from Dan, this on the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera:
At the BIRTV show in Beijing Blackmagic Design’s Richard Lim took time to update me on the progress of their Digital Cinema Camera. He claimed that the camera is expected to ship within two weeks, if not slightly sooner. He also showed me several interesting new features of the camera – an expanded ISO range down to 200ASA and a additional function of double tap on screen to check focus.

Lossless Blackmagic Cinema DNG 2.5k workflow for Adobe Premiere CS5.5 / CS6 with smooth playback and editing | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
It seems you can't edit the Blackmagic DNG files in Premiere, but you can in After Effects...
In After Effects (AE CS5.5 or CS6) CinemaDNG chooses to play nice. You can grade with the common Photoshop raw controls and drag the clips right in, before rendering them out in a 2.5K lossless format for editing on a timeline in Premiere.It is fast, easy and maximises the quality of the footage.

TRUcine – Color Rich Canon C300 Picture Profiles2 | Matthew Jeppsen | FreshDV
Another picture profile for the Canon C300:
The result are image settings for the C300 that accomplish much of what the stock picture profiles do (very good things like low contrast and good highlight retention in the case of the CINE and LOG profiles), but with an improved color palette that requires less massaging in the color grading process. 

Prelude is now available standalone from |
The logging and ingestion tool from Adobe is now being sold separately:
We are pleased to announce that Prelude CS6 is now available as a standalone product from for $399 for a perpetual license.

Three and Four Point Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro | Andrew Davis
| Premium Beat
A three point edit requires you to specify 3 points in your project to make an edit. These points may well include the IN point and the OUT point of a clip in your project or source panel as 2 of the 3 points.

3D camera tracking in After Effects CS6 | James Wignall | Computer Arts
Are the late nights of fixing tracker points behind us? Who’s to say, but I do know that Adobe has made some major strides in correcting one of After Effects’ biggest weaknesses. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to quickly track a piece of footage and add a character into the scene. Adobe has made this once-complicated process into an almost one-click solution.

How To Edit Film Trailers | Jonny | Jonny Elwyn
This piece collects together quotes and interviews with a couple of movie trailer editors:
The big lesson is the trailer is not the film. Don’t get bogged down trying to explain everything, that’s the film’s job. Choose a story through line for your trailer; you’re looking for the best way to get an audience. All films have their strengths, so play to them. Know the ending, the theme and the feeling you want to leave the viewer with.

Wonder No More | Anticipate Media | Vimeo
Some nice night scenes shot in Boston with the Canon C300. I think the first half of this movie would make a great opening to a film noir:
We went out one late night in Boston, MA with a Canon EOS Cinema C300 camera seeking to showcase some local talent and push the camera to it's absolute low light breaking point using a slow (for night) Canon 17-55 F2.8 IS lens. We used a video monopod, and a pair of quite versatile Switronix Torch BOLT handheld bi-color LEDs to add contrast and fill. Other than that we used a Zoom H4N for natural sound, and nothing else. No monitors but the built in EVF, not even the C300 monitor unit. No rigging but the C300 handle. Nothing but us, the city, and a story to tell.

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