Monday, July 16, 2012

Zacuto Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout and other News

The second part of Zacuto's Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012 has been posted. To recap:
In Part One of Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012 you were presented with unlabeled footage of a complex party scene designed by Bruce Logan ASC, the test administrator. We heard form legendary DP’s in the industry talking about what being a “cinematographer” really means to them; in many cases challenging us to rethink our understanding of camera technology and how it relates to filmmaking–and how all of that relates to talent, creativity, collaboration and experience.
In this episode you get to see the reactions of audiences to the tests, and you also learn which camera was which:

After watching it, these were the takeaways for me:
  1. How subjective any test and comparison is
  2. How different DPs set things up differently, so the results were even more subjective.
  3. It's really impossible to produce a completely unbiased comparison
While a couple of cameras visually stood out as "not so good" (the iPhone and 7D had some visual issues) it was a lot harder to pick between the rest; which was obvious from the responses of the audience members.
The best and worst thing about this is how subjective it is.
I'm starting to wonder how much longer we need to do these comparisons. For the last few years the question was always: can digital rival film? I think we're really beyond that now. Now it's as much about ease of use, workflows, and personal preference as it is about actual performance differences.
Unless you're risking a mistake you're just repeating yourself, you're not adding anything, you're not growing.
Perhaps more interesting was hearing the discussions, and hearing the Cinematographers talking about their work.

NeedCreative Podcast Ep. 4 - It Is What It Was
The fourth episode of the NeedCreative Podcast with Jason Sidelinger and Paul Antico has been posted. This episode features Matthew Allard of Al-Jazeera English talking about his experiences in filming cinematic news. Topics include:
  • An update on the Under 3 Min Film Challenge - Sean Meehan's new short and what it meant
  • Moving from news and documentary work to narrative
  • Bashing people online - why it happens, why it shouldn't
  • Camera Fanboys and why they're all very silly
  • The C300 and the new WFT-E6 Wireless Adapter
  • Matt's experience with the new Sony NEX-FS700

July 24th BOSCPUG: Adobe CS6 Production Premium with Al Mooney
This months Boston Creative Pro Users Group meeting should be interesting for anyone using Adobe software. You have to register to attend, and my understanding is that it could be sold out soon.

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